The Women’s Leadership Program

A Journey to your Leadership Presence

The Women’s Leadership Program supports women in leading from their natural presence. We take a feminine perspective on how leadership looks and feels for women in management. We build on women’s unique inner leadership qualities. Here, women leaders are supported in harnessing the power of their feminine energy.

Why I have created The Women’s Leadership Program

This world longs for women who dare to stand up and lead transformations in our communities and organisations into places that are equal, inclusive and sustainable. I believe that women who bring back the power of the feminine also bring back the balance in our society.

Many women leaders and women with the desire and potential to lead are aware of the call that is being placed upon them, but they find ‘something’ is holding them back from living and leading fully in their natural power. Some have even given up on their desire and leadership purpose altogether.

There are two root causes why so many women feel exhausted, unvalued and not able to bring all of who they are and what they’ve got into their leadership.

  • The first cause is the fact that currently the masculine leadership model is the standard for both men and women. For years women leaders have been taught to ‘man up’. This has resulted in women who felt cut off from their emotional truth, working for individualism instead of the collective, standing for profit instead of humanity. It made her feel not whole, unvalued and disconnected from the radiant woman she really is.
  • The second cause is that many women leaders are unaware of their feminine powers, how to connect to it and how to lead from it. Women simply haven’t been taught how, not in their leadership development programs, nor in the broader societal culture we have grown up in.

The Women’s Leadership Program is designed to tackle these root causes and supports women in mastering their natural leadership presence. How? Through its unique design, an inspirational community and the leadership and guidance of Carla Clarissa.

Design of the Women’s Leadership Program

The program starts with guiding women on their journey to wholeness. It is only from her wholeness and self-worth that a woman can become the change leader this world is longing for. In this program women dive into the essence of being a woman, and come to an understanding what it is they need, in order for them to lead from their wholeness.

The natural step that follows from being connected to your essence is an understanding of what it is that you have to do on this world: what your purpose is. Therefore we continue the journey with finding your purpose. Being connected to your essence and knowing your purpose gives you the authority from within to stand up, lead and change the world around you.

In order to make the circle round you’ll not only receive an understanding of your purpose, but also learn to speak up and live for it. This is where your Leadership Presence comes alive and visible and is able to inspire the world around you.

The program facilitates an inclusive leadership mindset and believes in the power of men and women co-creating change together. Part of this program therefore facilitates a leadership dialogue between female and male colleagues in order to foster a better understanding of how they can combine their forces when it comes to leading their organisations and themselves.

Community of The Women’s Leadership Program

In this program, you will connect with other women leaders who feel a longing to lead and make a difference, who desire to connect to their natural leadership presence and who want to stay true to who they are. Here you will find a community of women supporting each other in being fully who they are.

These are all inspirational women who have chosen to invest in a road less travelled and who know deep down inside that the only way they are going to elevate the people around them is by standing in their own radiance first.

What you will master in The Women’s Leadership Program:

The Women’s Leadership Program is for women who know they have so much more to bring into their leadership: the ability to make a difference with who they are. Feminine leadership and wisdom is about Presence. Presence to what you see, feel and notice, both inside yourself as in your environment. When you have completed the program you’ll have learned how to lead from this presence and make a difference with who you truly are. 

What you’ll learn:

  • You’ll come to learn about the power of your feminine energy and how you can use this energy to accomplish more with greater ease, flow and better results. On this journey, you will be guided back to the essence of being a woman, so you can access the powers of your intuition, the wisdom of your heart and the passion of your body at any time.
  • Understand where your radiance and your magnetism comes from and how to ‘turn your light on’.
  • Develop your own Personal Leadership Vision and gain clarity on your leadership identity, purpose and goals. Read my blog on Why a Personal Leadership Vision is so powerful.

Why a Personal Leadership Vision is so powerful

  • You’ll learn to speak up for your ideas and your wisdom powerfully and authentically. Also in front of groups. Want to get inspired on how that could look like? Take a look at the speech of Sara Kuis, one of the first alumni of The Women’s Leadership Program. She gave this speech at Carla Clarissa’s Graduation Ceremony January 7th 2017.

Structure of the Program:

This is a 4-month program with a small group of women. The program consists of monthly Face-to-Face sessions and a Practice call and a Buddy call in between sessions.

Four two-day sessions on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 10.00-17.00 in the Amsterdam Area, The Netherlands.

  • Session 1 “A woman’s calling to lead”
  • Session 2 “A woman’s journey to wholeness”
  • Session 3: “Leading the feminine way”
  • Session 4: “Embodying your leadership presence”

The dates for the Spring Program are:

  • Session 1: March 31/ April 1
  • Session 2: May 12/ May 13
  • Session 3: June 9/ June 10
  • Session 4: August 11/ August 12
The Spring Program is full. But the Autumn 2017 program is now open for enrollment!

The dates for the Autumn 2017 Program are:

  • Session 1: September 15/ September 16
  • Session 2: October 13/ October 14
  • Session 3: November 24/ November 25
  • Session 4: January 19/ January 20

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