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I inspire women leaders and women with the desire and potential to lead, to follow their purpose and grow their leadership presence.

In our current society female leadership qualities are not automatically recognized and valued. Many women who lead or have the potential to lead feel exhausted, under-appreciated or have given up on their desire and leadership purpose altogether. I believe in these women’s qualities and their value to our society as leaders.

With wisdom, courage and love I nourish these women to appreciate their female leadership qualities and reconnect them to their feminine powers. This is what I call a “woman’s journey to wholeness”. I believe that when a woman leader feels whole and self-worthy, she can identify her leadership purpose and start to live it. In my view women leaders are the key in transforming our communities and organisations into places that are equal, inclusive and sustainable. I believe that women leaders who bring back the power of the feminine, bring back the balance in our society.

If you are a woman leader looking to connect to your essence, become clear on your purpose and want to grow your leadership presence while connecting with other women, then come and join one of my Leadership Journeys: The Women’s Leadership Program, the international Women’s Leadership Circles or a few intensive days on a Retreat.



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