Why a Personal Leadership Vision is so powerful

What I was most afraid of is that I would spoil my chances, that I would not succeed in grabbing the right opportunities that come along once in a lifetime. This fear was real to me.

I often was clueless, I didn’t know whom to trust, I couldn’t follow my natural intuition. In worst times I didn’t even know what my intuition was trying to tell me.

Still, I had my Personal Leadership Vision. I had a clear vision about my leadership role and my purpose, but also about me: being a woman, a mother, a partner and a friend.

Losing my Fear of the Unknown

It took me years to unlearn and unwind everything that kept me from living the life I longed for. And this also kept me from stepping into the leadership role I desired and wrote about in my personal leadership vision. But here’s the thing: although it took me years before I felt empowered enough to follow my heart and trust my intuition, I had something to cling on to along the way.

My Personal Leadership Vision works threefold:

• it is my light in the more darker periods of my life

• it serves as my beacon when I am wandering

• it helps me to see the chances and grab the opportunities that come along, the ones that I write about in my vision.

Your Inner Guide

What I’ve come to learn is that creating a Personal Leadership Vision is like awakening your inner guide.
She fuels your journey, empowers you to move towards your vision, even when you are unaware of your next step. You have awakened your inner guide and she won’t be put to sleep until she brought you to the place you long to be.

Are you ready for change?

Learn how to lead with greater ease, flow and better results

Leadership works from the inside. The essence of The Women’s Leadership Program is that you’ll learn to familiarise yourself with your inner world first. From a woman’s perspective.

What do I mean exactly?

• You will learn how the Mind, the Body and the Soul of a woman works;

• You will come to learn about the internal forces that drive you, as a woman;

• You will understand why you experience many more stimuli than male leaders, how repressing your feelings represses your radiance and how you can process your feelings so you can translate what they are trying to tell you;

• You will experience that your body holds one of the greatest sources of your radiance. Knowing yourself, owning your mind, body and soul is what gives you your natural leadership presence.
Then comes the time in which we are going to write our own Personal Leadership Visions. So we’ll have our own guide with us, at all times.

How my Personal Leadership Vision looks like

I wrote my first Leadership Vision in 2012 and in the last couple of years it has come to fruition step by step. Last month I felt it was time to make further refinements. And you my dear, you are the first I would like to share a part of my Personal Leadership Vision with:

I live my life from a calm mind, a turned on body and a full and warm heart. I love practicing what I ‘preach’ and turning these practices into rituals that fulfill me, leaving me calm, energized, healthy and radiant. Thanks to exercising in the outdoors and a healthy diet I have plenty of energy to enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer me. I am o.k. with making mistakes, with learning. When I fall I smile, dust myself of and continue on my path. That is how I keep on growing.

My purpose is that every woman business leader knows and feels that it is she that inspires change. That it is the feminine energy inside of her that has the power to elevate the people around her. I am a trusted guide for women leaders who unconsciously know this truth and are ready to embrace it. I create space for them to discover this power, to make it hers, a place also where she can enjoy the presence and inspiration of other business women leaders who are on the same journey. Space where they can reconnect, re-energize and feel reborn to continue with their purpose.

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