How you use “Initiations” to rebirth yourself

A woman’s life is filled with Initiations; an experience that could have easily broken you, or at least stop you from living your life to your full potential. Experiences like losing your loved ones, struggling with children, sickness, depression, burn-out, getting divorced, being cheated on, abandoned, abused or having been manipulated and used.

Having lost your way, having lost your love, having lost yourself.   

These are the dark moments and phases in our lives. Not many of us have learned about the value these dark phases in our lives and what these deep, raw emotions hold for us. Initiations are meant to rebirth us. To rise from the deep and emerge as a new woman. They crack you open, as only a woman can. And from that raw opening, from that surrendering to the experience, from feeling the pain, the anger, the grief, the longing or the ecstasy, completely, you rise again.

Now, there are women who know how to turn the most darkest experiences in their lifetime into their greatest diamonds. 

And it’s exactly these initiations that have helped her to grow into an amazing, wise woman with a magnetic presence to die for! When you learn how to turn your own darkest experiences into your life’s initiations, you have learned to mine your own diamonds. You have learned how to rebirth yourself, how to transform yourself into the Woman you desire to be.

Into the Woman you were born to be. 

Here is my process of turning the darkest periods and darkest emotions into diamonds that make me shine even brighter as I did before.

  1. Feel. In order not to get stuck in my emotions (staying in anger, in grief or feeling frozen) I do something that feels counter-intuitive. I completely drown myself in that emotion. I turn on some heavy, tearful music (This Woman’s Work from Kate Bush has often done the trick for me) and there I go. Crawling, crying, pounding. I connect, through the music, through moving my body and releasing my breath, to what I really feel. This is connecting to your ‘dark side’, this is accepting your dark emotions, feeling them, allowing them to move your body. Say ‘yes’ to whatever you feel. Your feelings try to tell you something….
  2. Getting sensual. When I am done I get up and turn myself fully ‘on’. And when I say ‘turn on’ I mean turn on! This is the one, and only, way for a woman to connect to her deepest wisdom. The wisdom she holds in her body. To find the deeper meaning behind your Initiation you need to awaken the intelligence of your body. How does a woman turn herself on and awaken the intelligence of her body? Very simple, she turns on sensual, deeply feminine music and moves her hips. She moves her breasts. She moves her body with all of her passion. This is where the magic happens! This is where she starts to feel some diamonds rising.
  3. Grasp the diamond. Now that I am connected to the wisdom of my body I quickly write down what I feel right now and anything else that comes into my mind about what this Initiation was really about. Why have I been given this Initiation? The most difficult part is to remain turned on on while you write your revelations down or say them out loud. Just keep on moving those hips while writing or speaking.

And there I stand on my two feet, more empowered then ever.

Let your body speak through you. She holds so much wisdom for you! She holds so much love for you! Give her your trust and she will turn your darkest experiences into your greatest diamonds!

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