How to Lead the “Feminine Way”

Leading the feminine way means having the ability to lead from your natural feminine powers. The powers that have been gifted to you by our Goddess. Many women leaders are unaware of their feminine power, how to connect to it and how to lead from it. Women simply haven’t been taught how, neither in their leadership development programmes, nor in the broader societal culture in which we have grown up.

What does it mean to lead the feminine way?

It means that you turn ‘on’ every feminine fibre in your mind, body and soul. 

That is where you can access your natural feminine powers. A woman’s mind gives her the power to be decisive. A woman’s body gives her the power to feel and intuitively know; the power to bond and the power to create. And a woman’s soul gives her the power to live and lead for her purpose.

Though these are natural powers for a woman, she does need to have learned how to access and connect to these feminine powers. This requires practice, just like anything else in life that you want to master.

Why I started The Women’s Leadership Program is that it took me years to unlearn and unravel everything that kept me from living the life for which I was destined, that kept me from stepping into the leadership role that I was called to take on. Everything I have learned along the way, all the wisdom I have gained from wise women all over the world is poured into this programme.

Here I share with you my wisdom about how you can own your mind, own your body and own your purpose, and what you need to practise to do in order for you to access the powers your mind, body and soul hold for you.

Owning your Mind

A woman’s mind gives her the power to be Decisive. To set boundaries. To aim for a distant target and rise to a challenge. To determine her own goals and to be independent. We all know what happens when a woman sets her mind on something…

Can you even imagine what will happen when her mind is cleared from all the clutter and mind-bugs and connected to the wisdom of her body and the purpose of her soul?  

An important practices I teach in my programme to master the power of your mind is “Know yourself”. Becoming conscious of the forces that drive you from the inside out help you to master the power of your mind. In my leadership program I use the archetypes of “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jungian analyst Jean S. Bolen to give women an understanding of the different forces that drive them. I find the archetypes of the goddesses so beautiful because they remind us of the goddess we are within. I believe there is a drop of the divine, of the Great Mother, in all of us. The goddesses together make up the complete spectrum of human characteristics. They are like the different facets of Woman. A woman cannot feel whole if she is restricted by family or society or if she restricts herself to only one or a few archetypes.

Owning your Body

We live through our bodies. Our soul and our mind are connected to our body. A woman’s body is magnificent, it is divine. It is the gateway through which life enters this world. A woman’s clitoris is by far the most sensitive part of the human body. 8000 nerve endings are concentrated on one little spot, making this part of the woman’s body twice as sensitive as that of a man. Can you imagine the power this concentrated spot can give you when it comes to sensing what really is going? Both inside of you as well as outside. Your body is the source of your intuition, of your higher wisdom. She leads you to your destiny, once you have healed the connection between you and your body. Once you have learned how to give her your trust.

A woman’s body gives her the power to create and intuitively know. One of the practices I teach is how a woman can move emotions through her body so she can learns from them. In other words, Emotional cleansing. Our body takes on twice as many emotions as men’s. In a world that is everything but kind to women, we need to shake that off. If you do not,  you are at considerable risk of shaking it off on your loved ones, because that’s where you feel safe enough to express what you feel. We first need to deal with our emotions ourselves so we find out what really needs to be expressed, and to whom. You can only trust your intuition when you are emotionally clean. When you feel poisoned and angry your body is filled with stress hormones that prevent you from really feeling your body, leaving you unsatisfied. You are not connected to your source of life.

One of the other practices is teaching women how to awaken their Sacred Sexuality. The truth is that without owning our bodies and finding pleasure in them, we are just not as inspiring, not so magnetic as we know we can be. We keep on feeling a bit girlish and compensate for this with our masculine energy. Now, don’t get me wrong. We need our masculinity in many ways! But it’s not the inspiring presence that I know you’re looking for. That presence comes from our deepest feminine source, our sacred sexuality. Reconnecting to the deepest feminine source. Woman experiences divinity through her body. When she’s reconnected to her body and her divinity she feels a natural impulse to self-love and to actively increasing the love she feels for herself.

And that is when her magnetic presence starts to rise, when she feels naturally confident to step up and lead her life from her purpose. 

Owning your Soul’s Purpose

It’s her body through which she connects with the divine feminine and through which a woman hears the call of her soul. Knowing your soul’s purpose requires you to understand how to connect to the divine/ sacred feminine. Finding your purpose gives you the authority from within to step up, be heard and lead. Being an authentic leader comes from doing what you’ve been called for to do.

Do you want to know the secret of women who have a Magnetic Presence? 

They have turned ‘on’ every feminine fibre in their mind, body and soul. They are a master at turning their light on. And so can you! When you own your mind, own your body and own your soul’s purpose, you’ve mastered living and leading “the feminine way”.

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