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Carla Clarissa’s Leadership Journey’s

Many women leaders and women with the desire and potential to lead find ‘something’ is holding them back from living and leading fully in their natural power. There are two root causes why so many women feel exhausted, unvalued and incapable of bringing all of who they are and what they have into their leadership.

  • The first cause is the fact that currently the masculine leadership model is the standard for both men and women. For years women leaders have been taught to ‘man up’. This has resulted in women who felt cut off from their emotional truth, working for individualism instead of the collective, standing for profit instead of humanity. It made her feel not whole, unvalued and disconnected from the radiant woman she really is.
  • The second cause is that many women leaders are unaware of their feminine power, how to connect to it and how to lead from it. Women simply haven’t been taught how, neither in their leadership development programs, nor in the broader societal culture in which we have grown up.

Carla Clarissa’s Leadership Journeys are designed to tackle these root causes and supports women in mastering their natural leadership presence. How? Through its unique design, an inspirational community and the leadership and guidance of Carla Clarissa.

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Carla Clarissa’s Latest Blogs

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“It is only from her wholeness and self-worth that a woman can become the Leader she was born to be!”

Carla Clarissa

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